UAA Promoted Samudram Project is the Receipient of "UN Equator Initiative Award 2010" for Reducing Poverty Through the Conservation & Sustainable use of Biodiversity, Samudram also Conferred with "Godfrey Philips Bravery Award 2011" for Women's Empowerment


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An inclusive WASH structure separately build for Boys and Girls supported by Project Awareness generation by Slum Children WASH Club members Bal Brigade leader Train their yongers about Process of Hand Wash (1) Bal Brigade leader Train their yongers about Process of Hand Wash (2) Balbrigade leader sharing her experience in state level workshop Children near health monitoring chart Children taking oath to continue  good hygiene practice Community members in Slums learn how to wash their hand properly to avoid contamination Do's and Don'ts of Toilet Use - IEC Painting Dropping Napkins in Incenerator Head Master of a school explain why and what they are doing in the project through Children and SMC MHM class ...Saradha bali school Oath taking by to practice regular Hand Wash during Critical Times. Proj. Soc. Worker Explain to a group of CSO Rep's about the process of SSHE Proper Drinking water storage and handling using equipments supply by Project Routine Hygiene Monitoring by WASH Brigade Leaders before Teaching Begine Task force members are discussing with school  children WASH teacher counter sign the monthly hygine statement of WASH Brigade leaders Water quality test by slum children WASH club memebrs WaterAid Rep. from Delhi interacting with WASH brigade leaders on Improvment of Practices Ways of Feacal Oral transmission Weekly Campus cleaning by Bal Brigade groups A model WASH Infrastructur supported by Project A model WASH Infrastructur supported by Project (2) After maintenance and putting liquid chlorine testing the taste and smell of water to be appropriate  (1) After maintenance and putting liquid chlorine testing the taste and smell of water to be appropriate  (2) Cumulating progress of hygiene monitoring displayed by Student WASJ Bal brigade leaders Different steps of hand washing depicted in wall painting and students demostrate and practice DSCN4419 IEC Massage depicted on wall to educate everyone In each and every program related to WASH Our placcard slogans are used Massage Monitoring household WASH indicator monitoring card by Sulm Children WASH Club memb No one going out after construction of WASH structure in schools by the project Not only in school but also in Community to remind and continue the practice Regular Hygine monitorin-Teacher authenticate afer scrutiny Safe handling of drinking water and mutual support in handling drinking water Student maintain their WASH structure by sharing among themselves Student were trained and they maintain their own Pure drinking water device supported by Project Students clean thir plate and hand using soap before and after Mid-day meal in school and in house as well Students keep the campus clean Those who don't have space use community toilet - No open defecation in slums after project intervention Under the guidance of WASH Teacher student depict progress of 10 WASH Indicator monitoring in school wall Under the supervision of project WASH Mobiliser students teach their peer on ways of Oral Fecal transmision way to avoid WA team interact with slum WASH committee members and inspire them to make their slum ODF Wall Magazine of School display WASH article and drawing by students WASH Taskforce member narrate importance of proper Hand wash to students and inspire them to propagate the massage We observe Handwash day to remiding all to continue the practice lightbox video galleryby v5.9

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